Monday, March 18, 2013

Juice Craze

In an attempt to better my health and clear my complexion, I recently purchased a juicer so I can start "juicing"

Having a juicer is exciting for me!
I waited for that package to come in the mail like it was a PUPPY
Alas, it arrived.
So, now, I have been experimenting like crazy with different juice combos--trying out new produce--
finding out what I like & dislike.
So far, I hate any juice with celery
Let's just say that ALL you'll be able to taste in any juice containing celery is celery!
I'll just stick to eating my crunchy, stringy, watery veggies

Anyway, with that said, I thought I would post my breakfast juice for today...such a pretty color!
I'm still forming an opinion on it.
But, its definitely edible.
I had low expectations for beets bc they have such a lousy reputation!
Gorgeous coloring!
Beet Breakfast

4-6 Carrots
1 medium beet
4-5 beet greens
1 ruby grapefruit, peeled

Put ingredients through juice extractor.  Serve well chilled or over ice.

*slightly dyes tongue, so don't drink this before an important interview/meeting/date!

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