Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beets are hard to beat

On juice days, I prefer to drink a carrot/beet based juice in the morning
& a green juice in the afternoon.  
This is a "variety" thing--I'm trying to mix it up.
I've been really experimenting with beets...they're pretty funky....and this is the best juice I've come up with so far!

1 Grapefruit
1 Gala Apple
1 Beet
5 Carrots

I put this through the juicer (I have an Omega 8004).  Then filter through a sieve twice to remove as much pulp as possible.  Beet pulp is particularly repulsive to me.  
This made two full glasses of juice.  Tastes best really cold--iced cold!

Why have I been experimenting with beets?
Beets are very high in antioxidants & nitrates
Antioxidants fight off free radicals & prevent premature aging =  beautiful skin!
Nitrates are good for optimizing blood flow
Other phytonutrients in beets have anti-imflammatory effects & detoxify the body

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