Friday, April 5, 2013

Awesome Lunch!

Lately, I've eaten so lousy
Because it's just me--the boyfriend is home in Virginia--I have no motivation to cook any delicious meals.
However, this afternoon, after making a nice jar of juice AKA pond water  that tasted reminiscent of moss, I got the urge to eat something decent and satisfying--something buttery.   
And, so, I quickly whipped up two of my favorites--salmon & a baked potato.

This is a fabulous meal for one.  Normally, I would have had some asparagus or green beans or at least a salad with this, but I was pressed for time and had a jar full of fresh juice. Sorry for my less than stunning photography skills. 

Foil Pack Salmon
Drizzle Salmon Fillet with EVOO
Sprinkle both sides with:
Lemon Pepper
Cracked Rosemary
Kosher/sea salt
Fresh pepper
Dried, minced garlic (or garlic powder)
Place onto a large sheet of foil.  
Top with a small pat of butter.  
Fold foil up around salmon into a foil pack.  
Bake @ 400F 12-15 minutes.
Then, open foil, and broil for about 2 minutes.
***if you don't overcook the salmon, it will be tender and juicy and delicious!

Perfect FAST Baked Potato
Rinse a russet/Idaho potato thoroughly.
Dry off and stab repeatedly with a fork or knife.
Place in microwave for ~4 minutes until almost done.
Remove from microwave--drizzle with EVOO & sprinkle with kosher salt.
Place in 400F oven with salmon.
Cook 15-20 minutes, turning over halfway through.
Skin should be crisp and salty, and inside should be fluffy and tender.
Top with lots of butter and fresh pepper. 

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