Monday, July 15, 2013

Spinach & Banana Green Smoothie

A couple years ago, my boyfriend and I went through a huge smoothie phase.  They were delicious, healthy alternatives to ice cream.  We made smoothies as a snack a few times a week, and sometimes as a breakfast-on-the-go.  One day, in the height of our smoothie phase, I added spinach to a strawberry-citrus smoothie, just for kicks.   It ended up being delicious, and aside from the ugly green color, you couldn't even tell that spinach was added.  

Spinach + Smoothies = Fantastic Idea!

 Just through experimenting and trying to incorporate various healthy things, I came up with this smoothie.  It ended up becoming a breakfast staple for me and my roommate, Jessica.  This is definitely deceivingly delicious, jam-packed with nutrients, and filling enough to be a meal substitute. 

Health-Boosting Green Smoothie

First, grind the following dry ingredients into a fine powder in your blender:
1-2 T. Chia Seeds (fiber & omega-3s)
1 T PB2 (Peanut butter flavor, without the added sugar/oil)
***optional--1/8 c. old-fashioned, raw oatmeal

Next, add the following to your blender:
2 spoonfuls (~1/8 c) Greek yogurt (I use vanilla/honey flavor--protein & probiotics)
1 T. Coconut Oil (make sure you get Unrefined, Unprocessed, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed)
1 banana
2-3 handfuls spinach
splash of milk (water will also work)

Blend until well-incorporated, adding more liquid as necessary.
Finish by blending in ICE until desired consistency.

TIP: You can use easily use frozen bananas and spinach in this smoothie.  If I buy fresh spinach and don't have time to use the entire bag, I'll transfer the spinach to a freezer Ziploc and freeze it.  I don't buy it already frozen and disgusting in the carton.  With bananas, if you have ripe ones that are about to spoil--cut into coins, freeze on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper, and transfer to a Ziploc once frozen through. 

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