Monday, July 15, 2013

Creamy Coconut Cake

 Ever since I came to Richmond in May, I have heard tons of Tyler's family members just begging his mom to make a Coconut Cake.

I guess I'm not a big coconut person, so I've never really taken much interest in the talk about her yummy coconut cake.  But, this weekend, the remnants of her famous cake were brought home from the river house....I'm shocked that there even were leftovers!  She must have purposefully set aside a quarter of the cake so Tyler, his brother, and I could enjoy a slice. Or two. Or three. 

I wasted no time when I cracked open the fridge yesterday morning, at 5:45am, and saw it glistening on the top shelf, in that artificial light.
I had a piece right away for breakfast.
What can I say?
It was calling my name!  And I needed something yummy and sweet to kickstart my brain before my impending organic chemistry exam. 
And, to think...I was so health-conscious the night before--with my 3 mile jog and fresh juice.
Wasted efforts.
(:::shakes head:::)

Anyway, now I'm sharing Christine's recipe for a coconut cake with whoever-you-are.
Savor it--because it will take you 4 days to prepare.

Christine's Creamy Coconut Cake

4 days before serving:
Mix up the Filling
16 oz. sour cream
2 c. granulated sugar
12 oz. frozen fresh coconut (plus 6 additional oz. to sprinkle on the top)
***obviously the coconut will need to be thawed until viable, then everything combined and chilled overnight (or for at least a few hours).

3 days before serving:
For the Cake
1 box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix
4 eggs
Substitute milk for water
Prepare cake according to package directions, using 4 eggs and milk instead of water.  Bake 2 round cake layers.  After cooling, split each layer in half (for 4 layers total).

Assembling the Cake
Reserve 1 cup of filling (to be used in frosting)
Evenly split up the filling and spread it out on top of each layer.  Stack.

1 c. filling
8 oz. thawed Cool Whip
Combine and spread out over cake.  
6 oz. frozen fresh coconut, thawed
Press coconut onto top/sides of frosted cake.

Chill for 3 days in the fridge and serve.

Despite being sick and feverish, he still wanted some cake!
I think its a beautiful looking cake

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